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I really don’t have much to say lately.  I’ve been doing a tremendous amount of knitting and reflecting.   I have been preparing for Winter Solstice.  Winter Solstice is quite special as it marks the shortest day of the year, and the longest night.  Traditionally, it has been a time to reflect on ones past year and to give gratitude to those who have really impacted your life.

I make it a personal ritual to make something for each person who has impacted my life in a positive meaningful way.  It may not be a person I like, or even that I am still in contact with.  That contact may have been fleeting, or long-term – the only criteria for me is that is was life-changing, thought provoking, and led to something positive for me.  Some people I don’t have contact info for.  In that case, I give to charity in their name.  But I make sure to live in and show my gratitude , concretely and humbly.

Tomorrow I will send out some of my packages.  There are only three this year.  I don’t know how they will be received or even if they will be acknowledged, but that doesn’t matter.  What matters is that I acknowledge the role these people have played in changing my life for the better.  So I guess that what I do is kind of selfish – it makes me feel good.  But it’s also not, because I do it without expectation.  Only the hope that these people may take the time to let others who have impacted them know about what they have done.


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